The Service

Our service empowers you to move forward by reconnecting you with your inner compass, bringing a renewed sense of outward direction.

What is Inner Compass?

Inner Compass is a one-to-one, short-term intervention … delivering long-term results

The service is incredibly beneficial for people struggling to deal with life, a significant life event or life transitions.

Significant life events include: Illness or injury (of self or a family member), change in wellbeing of a family member, death of a loved one, redundancy, retirement, separation or past trauma.

Life transitions include: Change of circumstances, workload or personnel issues in the work-place, starting or changing a job, realisation that life-long dreams (marriage, being a parent, ‘success’ etc..) are not materializing.

As a result they are typically experiencing low mental wellbeing, which may be

  • Affecting their functioning and/or life satisfaction
  • Leaving them feeling stuck, anxious, low, isolated or highly stressed

What will our service give you?

  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Connection to your inner knowing and your Inner Compass
  • Practices of self awareness that allow us to understand ‘how we are’ and ‘what we need’
  • Different perspectives on obstacles and possibilities
  • Increased confidence & energy to make changes
  • A toolbox of self-coaching strategies
  • Improved Mental Wellbeing

The Inner Compass Process

Referrals into our research project came from GPs and Pyschotherapists.

‘I have referred several people from my GP practice to Báirbre – people who were stressed or stuck or depressed. Each of them found her to be warm and encouraging, and found her approach very helpful. I have seen great positive changes in their lives as a result, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.’

‘I am a GP and have referred some patients to Báirbre, with different problems including low mood, chronic anxiety, poor self-esteem etc.  Feedback, which has been hugely positive, from these individuals, has confirmed my own findings; that Báirbre is extremely professional yet compassionate and empathetic.  She has provided great assistance and support and guided these people onwards, through difficult times, enabling them to heal and recover themselves.’

‘I have worked with Báirbre for the last two years and have referred clients to her, particularly some of whom were in therapy with me.  Báirbre works with great clarity, skill and empathy, and in so doing helps the client move in a practical way.  She has a truly great gift to offer our society. She comes with a wealth of experience and ability.’