The Research

The Research

We undertook a three-year research project, working with GPs, psychotherapists and word of mouth referrals to support and monitor mental wellbeing improvements in over 80 people.


The objective of the project was to measure the impact of a short-term coaching intervention on the Mental Wellbeing of participants, individually and collectively. In doing so, the research served to establish how best to cultivate practices of awareness and understand which tools and strategies best support individuals to assess, manage and maintain their own mental wellbeing, irrespective of gender, age, referral sources or presenting issues.


Mental wellbeing covers two perspectives … feeling good and functioning well.

Feeling good is the subjective experience of happiness and life satisfaction.

Functioning well encompasses positive psychological functioning, good relationships with others and self-realisation.

The latter includes the capacity for self-development, autonomy, self-acceptance and competence.


The Inner Compass project results reported very significant mental wellbeing improvements that positively impacted the participants in their daily lives and that of those around them.

Using a quantitative mental wellbeing measurement tool*, the project conducted 83 initial assessments, resulting in over 50 participants being suitable for and completing the intervention. Mental Wellbeing (MWB) was assessed at the start, end and 6-9 months after the intervention, to measure the individual and collective MWB change over time.

Results showed a significant overall improvement in individual and collective MWB after our intervention, with the improvement being maintained after six months. We have commenced the collection of data, two years after the end of the intervention period.

Key Quantitate Research Conclusions:

  • Collective MWB change over the intervention was 16, with a change of 3 to 8 considered ‘likely to be meaningful’ to ‘unequivocally meaningful’.
  • Collective MWB scoring at end of the intervention (and after 6 months) was above the average English and Scottish populations.
  • ‘At high risk of mental illness’ scoring; 78% of starting score were classified in this range, with 4% ending in this classification (6% after 6 months)
  • ‘Psychological distress’ or lower scoring; 92% of starting score were classified in this range, with 16% ending in these classifications (17% after 6 months).

*Our MWB measurement tool is widely used and highly validated, allowing for comparatives with country population averages and similar interventions, while also clearly segregating MWB into risk categories.

What people say about Inner Compass:

‘It’s a journey of self-realisation, that helped me to look in the deepest, darkest parts of myself and to realise the answers I am looking for all lie within’

‘For the first time in my life I am comfortable with who I am and that is amazing’

‘It’s life changing…..All of a sudden you’re doing stuff you only ever thought about before’

‘It is a fantastic intervention if you’re struggling to think clearly or suffering from anxiety, causing you not to enjoy what life has to offer .. quite simply, it teaches you how to look after yourself’

‘With it, I created a clearer and more peaceful place for myself in the world’ 

‘I got to know myself and to say “fair play to you”, you’re not as half-cracked as you thought’

‘It’s life changing beyond words … it takes your struggles and using various tools and strategies, puts you through a transformative process, where you come out the other end, wondering why you didn’t so it sooner.’

‘You’re learning a different language….it’s your language and it makes sense of what you’re thinking and feeling’

‘I feel more content and have a better handle on my life’

‘I believe in myself, I have found my voice’

‘It’s a creative, person-centred partnership, developing your capacity to look at and after yourself. It teaches you that being honest with yourself about how you are, is not a luxury but a necessity’

How people felt before and after our service:

ExhaustedRenewed Energy
CoweringStanding Tall
UnawareSelf Aware
Slipping BackwardsMotivated
A MessAdventurous
Really sadExhilarated
In a Dark PlaceI’m Good