About Us

Báirbre Meehan is a qualified and accredited coach and has coached extensively for ten years. Báirbre worked for 25 years in business and has adapted the skills she used in Business and Executive Coaching to help people improve their MWB, dealing with issues such as toxic stress, anxiety and low mood. Báirbre loves meeting people and making connections. She senses and awakens the potential that people often cannot see in themselves.

Báirbre currently coaches senior executives and leadership teams in Ireland and the US. Her previous roles include CEO of a Medical Device company for 11 years, head of organisational and leadership development in a US Corporation for 3 years and various positions in Ireland, Guernsey, South Africa and New Zealand. She holds a Masters in Coaching from Smurfit Business School, a Masters in Management Practice from Trinity College and is a Chartered Accountant.

Dr Geoff Pelham is a coach, psychotherapist and educator. He has worked in psychiatric settings, including managing and supervising therapeutic communities. He is also a lecturer at universities in the UK and Ireland. He combines coaching with coach education, delivering accredited graduate programmes in coaching and working with organisations seeking to develop a coaching style of management and leadership.

He was a psychotherapist in private practice for fifteen years and brings his interest and expertise in the ‘psychological dimension’ to his coaching practice. At the heart of his work is raising awareness of what gives meaning and purpose to peoples’ lives, inviting consideration of whether they are living ‘the right life’.

His Doctorate researched behavioural science and for over twenty years he was a Registered Senior Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has an MA Business and Executive Coaching and Post Graduate Diploma in Supervision. This background has been the basis for supervising Báirbre in her research into the Inner Compass process.

Therese Ryan is a coach, a teacher and a facilitator. She has developed and delivered workshops in the area of wellbeing. An Iyengar Yoga teacher, she has been practising Yoga for twenty years, and teaches classes to adults. She passionately believes in our ability to develop practices which enable us to study our bodies and minds, and become acquainted with our limitations, tendencies and potential.

She has a degree in Education, as well as a post graduate diploma in Special Education, and a M.A. in literature. Therese taught in the primary education sector for several years, and has worked as a lecturer as well as a facilitator.